Hanada Laboratory

Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Kyushu University


Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences Kyushu University

Plasma and Quantum Science and Engineering

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Hanada lab studies plasma in steady state operation on QUEST spherical tokamak. Our tool to understand plasma-wall interaction is “the high temperature (up to 500C) wall (HTW)”.

Active control of particle balance with the HTW and modeling of PWI in steady state tokamak opeation are in progress to simulate condition of nuclear fusion reactorAnd more!
We work on plasma start-up/heating using radio frequency and Co-axial helicity injection (CHI).

Research Topic


Modeling of particle balance in steady state tokamak operation


Active heat/particle control with the high temperature wall


Electron cyclotron heating/current-drive in spherical tokamak


Development of new plasma diagnostics


Plasma start-up using CHI(collaboration with PPPL and Univ. of Washignton)